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Packaging Machines

Prins Verpakkingstechniek B.V. is joint-owner of the German company Inno-Tech  and is selling Vertical Form-, Fill, and Seal Machines as such in the Benelux, but also through partners worldwide. With Packaging Machines built by Inno-Tech we are able to deliver you outstanding, top quality computer-controlled Fill and Seal Machines. Our range of machines is large to such an extent that for nearly every application an appropriate machine can be deployed.

Advantages of Vertical Form-, Fill-, and Seal Machines of Innotech:

Many years of experience of all people within our group in their own specific domain have resulted in a wide range of top quality machines. One of the unique qualities of Prins Verpakkingstechniek is keeping the greatest possible flexibility when it comes to custom made construction and continuously innovating machines. These innovations are immediately carried out whereby each client will have the most appropriate solution at all times.

A major problem which occurs after machines are sold, and have to be installed, is tuning in to one another of different suppliers of one complete line. This problem can be prevented by choosing one single supplier for an entire production line. Prins Verpakkingstechniek can be this one supplier because practically all equipment is built on our own account or delivered by approved and qualified partners. As customer, you will only deal with one company which will exclude differences of opinion about machinery.

Prins verpakkingstechniek        Inno-Tech

Prins Verpakkingstechniek B.V., the Netherlands & Innotech Verpackungsmaschine GmbH, Germany

One supplier - saves time and money - Fill and Seal Machines perfectly tuned in to one another!

Whether it is about packaging machines, weighers, flow- and  discharge systems, printing and labeling equipment, data management software, or any type of peripheral, Prins Verpakkingstechniek supplies, if desired, production ready. 

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