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Service  /Trouble-shooting service

The people of our service department and trouble-shooting service work closely together in order to have a fully clear and up-to-date picture of our customers and their machines. Field service engineers are the most important players within this service in terms of on-site support. The service engineers are in turn supported by the internal service who also take care of the planning of these people and who have the first contact with the customer. Together with the customer, the internal service evaluates the urgency of the trouble report and to that arranges a possible visit. Many trouble reports however, can be solved by telephone.

All employees of Prins Verpakkingstechniek are aware of the fact that our customers are the most important people and that we entirely depend on them. Dedication, service and customer-friendliness are therefore key words which, from the selection of our employees on, are continuously considered of paramount importance. Without our customers we would not exist.

Service engineers have had both mechanical and electrical engineering training and are accessible by mobile phone at all times. Depending on the location and the urgency the mechanic can be on site within a very short time. This applies not only to the Benelux but even worldwide. Equipped with the latest equipment and tools they ensure that, as soon as possible, your machine does again what it was purchased for.

If you desire our support or service, please contact us via:

Tel. + 31 (0) 318 565880
email. info@prinsbv.nl

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