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We will be participating in this years Interpack. Partner company of Prins Verpakkingstechniek InnoTech will be in hall 17 booth B04. This year there will be several machines live running on the stand. One them is special develloped doypack machine and a special lower machine for sensitive products.

Do you want an appointment? Please contact us sales@prinsverpakkingstechniek.nl

Prins Verpakkingstechniek BV will be attending the Fruit Logistica in 2017. We will be on the booth of Innotech GmbH in hall 3.1 booth C-14

Prince Packaging Technology introduces new packaging solutions

Prince Packaging Technology and its subsidiary Inno-Tech recently introduced a number of new packaging solutions. "It is a doypack with an oval scaled soil, a bag with laser perforation from top to bottom and to a stazakje with separate compartments," explains Jan Strijbos Prince Packing Technique.

The making of a vertical packing doypack with an oval scaled soil differs from most other models on the market. Jan Strijbos: "The advantage of this package is that there can be no residue in the bag when you make it empty. It thus seems more like a pre-formed doypack. "

The bag with the laser perforation from top to bottom, called Tetrahedron, can be used for a variety of products, including snacks, and candy. "Due to the laser perforation from top to bottom the sachet can be torn open in such a way that one sort of bowl is created from which the product can be taken. This leads to a different package and an extra boost, "said Jan Strijbos.
Also, such laser perforations are provided beforehand in the film resulting in a resealable package.

Finally, Prince Packaging Technology recently introduced an stazakje with separate compartments. Jan Strijbos: "In this case it is already supplied a machine for two varieties of potato in a single package separate from but to be packed from one another. On the pouch is then also confirmed a header card for product information and recipe for the preparation on the inside. "

Beurzen innotech 2016:

Prosweets Prins Verpakkingstechniek Prosweets in Keulen 
Van 31-1 t/m 3-2  2016
Hal 10.
Gang H, standnr. 079
Fruit Logistica Prins Verpakkingstechniek

Fruit Logistica Berlijn
3-4-5 februari 2016
Hal 3.1, C13 

Part exchange format of a vertical machine often is not convenient. The parts are difficult or there is a conveyor belt in the way the part easy to handle. Thereby the precious parts that may damage not fall through. An ergonomic and practical solution is now standard by delivering Prince Verpakkingstechniek for each vertical packaging machine. More info via jstrijbos@prinsbv.nl ".

Tilhulp Prins verpakkingstechniek

Two jubilees in service

In 2014 Prince had Verpakkingstechniek next to the 35th anniversary of the company also have two anniversaries in service.

Jan Roseboom (left in photo) is from 1999 as a service engineer and Theo Stokman since 2004 controller.
Both are put with their 15th and 10th anniversary during the Christmas dinner as extra attention.

We have a vacancy open!

We are looking for:

A service engineer with growth to (cooperative) service manager.

  • He or she has an electrical engineering background, minimal MBO level affinity in mechanical engineering and control technology. Experience in the packaging industry is an advantage.
  • Must live in nearby Veenendaal (ie. Within radius of max. 25km)
  • Is very independent, can communicate well (also in English and German with some French and / or Spanish if desired but is not a requirement) and prepared even outside normal working hours to be available by phone.
The work consists of the installation and maintenance of weighing and packaging mainly in the food industry in the Netherlands and Belgium with associated disturbance activities. Sporadically also outside the Netherlands and Belgium to be performed. Occasional overnight but often irregular hours is inherent in the function.
  • After a training as a service engineer he / she will grow into cooperative service manager that this person will send three engineers or planning projects and outage work.
  • The service manager is the first contact for technical issues for customers and suppliers, but if necessary will also install more machines in the field or perform outage work.
  • Can organize well, stress resistant, communicative, customizable and flexible are keywords for this function.

If you are interested send in this interesting job than your resume to jstrijbos@prinsbv.nl

New patented packaging:

Prince Packaging Technology introduces a new patented packaging which has never been seen before.
It concerns a quadroseal stazakje with a separation in the vertical plane. This enables thus two different products, a whole are packaged separately from each other.
Ideal for packaging, such as candy with a toy (food safety), two different types of pet food, for example, various types of snack vegetables or salted and unsalted nuts. One can think of 1001 products, packaged in this way can give an extra boost to consumer buying behavior
On the machine that can make these pockets, it is possible as well as standard or block bottom pillow to make bags, sachets or Doypack normal quadro seal, with or without re-sealable zipper or any other possibility.


New packaging materials to increase product shelf life.

Prince Packaging Technology innovates with new packaging materials to increase shelf life of products, without adding gas or using relatively expensive vacuum systems, which can also increase the capacity. Reclosable packages especially for the confectionery and snack industry. For more information, please contact us.

Veenendaal, May 27, 2013;

Prince Verpakkingstechniek always strives for 100% satisfaction among its customers. This would be so, the figure 10 must deliver. A recent survey by an independent agency is a thick 8 occurred as a result. The research firm found this extremely well and we are not unhappy but we will do everything in order to adjust this figure up yet. We thank all the companies who are willing to cooperate in this investigation and we will do everything to an even higher qualified partner to be for you at the next poll.

Innotech Hygienic Design Revo: moderne en Hygiënische machine for natte omgevingen
Prins Verpakkingstechniek en Innotech, de Duitse Dochteronderneming van Prins Verpakkingstechniek, Hebben Samen Het Afgelopen jaar harde gewerkt aan Een nieuwe Uitvoering van hun verticale verpakkingsmachine voor ontmoette naam natte omgevingen. "De nieuwe Innotech Hygienic Design Revo oogt Een stuk moderner en hygiënischer dan de dialoog soorten", zegt Jan Strijbos van Prins Verpakkingstechniek.

De Innotech Hygienic Design Revo verschilt Echter Niet Alleen wat Betreft uiterlijk dialoogvenster van de types. "De machine is IP66 en de Gehele foliedrager Kan Eenvoudig Worden verwijderd zodat de rust van de machine beter, eenvoudiger en Sneller Kan Worden gereinigd. Uiteraard wordt ook de Besturing van de laatste technologieën voorzien", licht Jan Strijbos tiener.

Ondertussen is er al Een Innotech Hygienic Design Revo desalniettemin aanvaardt aan Een grote Fabrikant van mayonaise en ketchup Welke aan Mc Donalds Levert. Dit is Tevreden Klant tevreden Volgens Jan Strijbos dermate Tevreden dan deze Nieuwe verticale verpakkingsmachine DAT HIJ direct twee van deze machines heeft bijbesteld.

De Innotech Hygienic Design Revo is geschikt voor ontmoette naam natte omgevingen, kan Maar Prins Verpakkingstechniek ook voor andere toepassingen Een Geschikte verpakkingsmachine Leveren.

Innotech Quadro sealer met Slider Zipper and special Comfortable carry / handle.

Quadro sealer met Fully Automatic Slider Zipper made in the foil strip. Including specially raised handle for comfortable Wearing the packaging. Appropriate for packages up to 10kg. Better degree of filling of the packing door Mode inserting the Slider Zipper film making saves.

Innotech vacuum package.

Vacuum packaging for pet food, for example, to be able to make shorter pockets so that less film is needed and with retention of shelve life.

Prince Packaging Technology is always looking for enthusiastic, technical people with a flexible working attitude.

Looking for a job in a small team with responsibility and variety and you do not have every day at home 17:00, then free to send your CV to us.

Packaging line for nuts and dried fruit

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